Stitch Fix – #1

My first fix! I had heard mixed reviews about a first fix – anything from it being a total bust to keeping all 5 items (“my stylist just gets me”).

I had a great in-between.  I was hoping anything other than dresses would be under $50. But now that I think about that shouldn’t I spend more on things I wear all the time (i.e. pants and tops?) Oh well. None of the clothes under $50. I obviously didn’t have this blog when I got my first box so I don’t have pictures of the items I sent back.

What I Kept

1. Kut From The Kloth burgundy Danny 5-Pocket Knit Pant ($68)

I asked for colored skinny jeans or leggings for this fix. I’ve got a ton of neutral tops that I thought would be great with a colored pant. I didn’t mention that burgundy was one of my favorite colors to wear (and no, everyone in Mississippi, that does not make me a State fan. You’re maroon remember?).

I liked the pants a lot – felt and fit great. They’re ultra skinny though so much tighter than I was used to. I just tell myself they’re more like leggings…and that I’ll lose weight off my thighs one day 😁.

2. Market and Spruce blue Zelda Ikat Print Wrap Dress ($78)

This is the one thing in my fix that I definitely would not have picked up in a store. It’s got a pattern and its a wrap dress, which I haven’t had the best experience with in the past (wind and all). As soon as I put it on my husband said “that’s my favorite dress ever.” I’d like to think he didn’t just say that because it’s low cut without a cami 😉. It really is a great dress though. Very flattering and the pattern is pretty. It was great for our anniversary dinner, which I told my stylist about.

3. Pixley grey Hollis Rectangle Gem Collar Necklace ($42)

So I decided to get an accessory (which seems to be a default unless you say otherwise). I rarely buy jewelry because I usually can’t picture what outfit I’d wear it with or I don’t want to spend that much on something I’d rarely wear because, of course, I couldn’t find an outfit to wear it with. Now there’s some insight to my thinking. Since I clearly overthink this I wanted to see what a stylist would pick for me. This necklace was perfect with so many of my shirts, which I could try on in person in this awesome situation. I liked it so much I bought it even though it was way out of my typical necklace price range.

What I Sent Back

1. Olive & Oak white Tiffany Textured Crew Neck Sweater ($68)

I feel like this was my only near “bust.” I liked the pattern of the sweater but it was too short and a pure white. Wanted a sweater but this wasn’t it.

2. C.Luce green Kailani Sleeveless Pleated Chiffon Dress ($68)

This dress was beautiful. The color was awesome and it was definitely something I’d try on in a store. The dress cut at my mid-abdomen though and the top part was a little big on me. Close but no cigar on this one. Hey look, Josh, I used a metaphor I don’t completely understand!


You can sign up for Stitch Fix here using my referral link!

**Note: I am not affiliated with Stitch Fix. I do receive a $25 credit each time someone makes a profile and gets a fix using my referral link – but so can you! Share with your friends!**


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