Stitch Fix – #2

My 2nd Fix! I hoped at some point that I would love every single thing in my fix, but I didn’t think it would happen so soon! I was secretly even hoping I wouldn’t like everything so as to not be tempted to buy it all. Thankfully I had a good deal of referral credit handy. My box arrived two days earlier than scheduled so that made for a nice mid-week surprise. When I opened the tissue paper I had a good feeling about this one because I saw lots of grey (my favorite).

For this fix I requested another pair of colored skinny jeans and a long pendant necklace that I could wear with anything. The only other direction I offered to my stylist was to check out my Pinterest board – and that she did!

My stylist, Dana, mentioned in her note that many of the items on my Pinterest board were currently in stock, so she wanted to send me a few of those pieces even if they wouldn’t constitute a full outfit. I’m glad she did! This was the first time pinning to a Pinterest board could feel like real “window” shopping. How fun!


What I Kept (AKA Everything In My Fix)

1. Mystree grey Chamberlin Striped Drape Front Cardigan ($78)


First item from my Pinterest board. There wasn’t much thinking to do about whether I would keep this one. Cardigan. Comfy. Stripes. Grey. Yup. I’ve worn it twice already.

2. Market & Spruce grey Alan French Terry Asymmetrical Zip Cardigan ($68)

Second item from my Pinterest board. I didn’t realize it but I pinned this twice in two different colors (one zipped, one unzipped). My stylist said they only had it left in grey, but knew from my profile that I loved greys. Correct. Kept. I feel like I can wear this with anything and it creates such a different feel zipped vs. unzipped. I think it looks great both ways.


3. Bay to Baubles gold Norine Circle and Square Pendant Necklace ($28)

Okay this was the “nail on the head” item from this fix. I’d been wanting a long pendant necklace that I could wear with anything. As I mentioned from my last fix review, I knew that if I went shopping for one myself I would walk away empty-handed every time. This one is perfect and I’ve worn it with four or five different outfits already. And gotten a number of compliments on it. Nice job Dana!

4. 41Hawthron cobalt Lana Lace Detail Blouse($58)


I had this top pinned to my board in black and white, but I love the blue and black. I can wear it to Ole Miss games! She recommended that I wear it with black skinny jeans and a blazer. I have neither so I’ll need to work on that! It’ll be great with a black skirt for work, though. Or skinny jeans for a date night.

5. Just Black dark green Gerardo Distressed Skinny Jean ($78)


Okay this was the only item I was unsure about in the fix. My stylist mentioned that the dark green jean was the only colored jean they had in stock. When I opened the package I thought they were black (my den is super dark and the brand is Just Black). Then I held them up and just knew they wouldn’t fit even though they were in my size. They just looked super small. But I put them on and they fit perfectly. I looked in a mirror in a lighter room and saw the green color. Loved all of that.

My hangup was the slits in the knees. I know this is popular but I just never thought I would buy jeans with intentional holes in them. My husband informed me they “weren’t like…Avril Lavigne slits.” Ha. Well that’s good. So for the price for something I was iffy about I was going to send it back. Until I did the math. With the “keep ’em all” 25% discount, keeping these jeans would add $5 to my total. $5 high quality colored slit jeans? Count me in. Kept.


You can sign up for Stitch Fix here using my referral link!

**Note: I am not affiliated with Stitch Fix. I do receive a $25 credit each time someone makes a profile and gets a fix using my referral link – but so can you! Share with your friends!**


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